one price

All Features. All the Time


Per month + $.50 per return after the first 10 returns


Integrations Available


  • Fully branded returns page for creative continuity

  • Customize your returns policy and return reasons

  • Dashboard to view status of all returns

  • Carrier event and status notifications

  • Option to set who pays for returns

  • No account needed for your customers

  • Auto emailed return label sent to your customer

  • Option to approve returns before sending label

  • Option to tag products to be sent to charity

  • Select your preferred charity donation partner

  • Send returns to charity nearest your customer 

  • Custom pricing available for large volume brands


technology for good

Why else? Our guiding north star is that anything worth doing should have a core element of using it for universal good, not just profit. Technology, when used properly, can be a major catalyst for good.

all features. all the time

Simplicity wins every time so we developed a pricing model that reflects this. As we continue adding features to address the market needs we'll never ask you for more money. All features, all the time.

created by industry expert

Our app was created by an industry expert with 24 years of experience in fashion, apparel and retail. We aren't just tech people. We've worked on the warehouse floor and experienced returns first hand.

save time for employees

With our self service returns platform that seamlessly plugs into your store customers will be able to initiate their own returns. When your employees are freed up from mundane tasks they can focus on delighting customers and growing sales.

grow sales via repurchases

Studies show that when brands make returns free and easy there is a 92% chance the customer will make a repurchase. Brands that understand returns are the new reality and turn it into a sales opportunity will win in the long run.

increase customer loyalty

Simply put, customers are more likely to buy from you when you have a friendly returns policy. Think of the major retailers that are winning. They all have generous return policies. This drives loyalty and loyal customers spend more money over time.

Lower return shipping fees

When you use our optional charity tagging feature your customer's return will be sent to a donation partner nearest their location. This means lower return shipping fees and the ability to issue refunds more quickly to drive repurchases.

lower inventory cost

Let's face it, most brands are sitting on too much inventory. Maybe your product price points aren't worth bringing back return inventory and sitting on it until you can resell it. By having certain items sent to charity you save on storage and carrying costs.

lower restock fees

With returns you have to pay someone to process returns back to stock, only to give the money back to the customer. For some products it just doesn't make sense to incur restock fees. Why not donate it, focus on repurchases and get a tax deduction?

choose a donation partner

Our app lets you choose the donation partner that most aligns with your brand or from the results you've seen from their great work in the community. Pick your partner at sign up and we'll take care of the rest. You can change partners at will.

change the world

Today's consumers are really smart and they want to work with brands who exist for more than just making a profit. Giving back is the new norm. Make changing the world part of your brand mission and bring your customers along for the journey!

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